U.P. Fitness

U.P. Fitness is active with its members, regardless of physical ability and offers modified works outs for any individual’s limitations. We encourage everyone young or old, big or small to come and experience a better way to get fit, slim down, tone up, gain strength, power and confidence. Most of all, U.P. Fitness is a friendly and positive atmosphere for all who are looking to better their lives through fitness.

o The warm up and WOD (workout of the day) is posted on the white board daily.

o You can choose to do the WOD on your own or have the coach or trainer run you through it during one of our many conveniently scheduled times.

o If you prefer not to do the WOD, you can do a workout of your own.

o Members are offered daily instruction on all of the exercises in the WOD free of charge, during the scheduled class times.

o New to cross training? Come in for a free one on one training session to see if its right for you.

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