virtual sisu 2021

Virtual SISU Ski Fest

Presenting the 2021 Virtual SISU Ski Fest!

A virtual cross country ski event designed to be fun, safe and competitive. Our goal is to give you something to plan for, train for and look forward to without worry that the event will be cancelled or you will put yourself at undue risk to participate. Size up the situation and make the most of it! Plan for, train for, and look forward to YOUR race. Have fun with our A-G-E (Age Group Equalizers) time adjustments. Try to win! Challenge your friends! Plan to meet up and race in small groups. Or, take it easy and ski with family. Come to Ironwood and ski at ABR or stay close to home at your local ski area. Make it what YOU want this year. Post your results and photos to share with our ski community. Maybe win a prize to boot!

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