Top 10 Ironwood Area Waterfalls

With all waterfalls always use caution. Follow signs, directions and always stay on designated observation areas. If there aren’t any, stay away from any flowing water. Remember that most of these areas are remote with little to no cell phone access. Waterfalls are beautiful, powerful and dangerous.

Ironwood Area Waterfall Guide

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#1 Black River National Scenic By-way Waterfalls

The Black River rushes along part of the North Country Trail, the longest hiking path in America’s National Trails System, and features five majestic waterfalls that cascade into Lake Superior’s Black River Harbor recreation area.

  1. Great Conglomerate. This waterfall is named for the large piece of conglomerate rock that divides the two segments. A ¾ mile hike brings you to an observation deck and an amazing view!
  2. Potawatomi. Upstream from Gorge Falls and is reached from same parking lot. Walking trail 1/8 mile with easy access. A beautiful sight awaits!
  3. Gorge. Named for the deep, narrow gorge above and below the falls. Walking trail 1/8 mile. A very unique view from the observation deck.
  4. Sandstone Falls. This waterfall drops off of rock slabs giving it a unique appearance. Walking trail is about a 1/4 mile.
  5. Rainbow Falls. An impressive waterfall that can be viewed from either side. Walking trail from road 1/2 mile. Walking trail from Black River Harbor ¾ mile.

#2 Superior FallsSuperior Falls Ironwood Michigan

Only a few hundred yards from the shores of Lake Superior, this impressive waterfall is surrounded by dramatic gorge walls. A short hike down to the shore and up the river gives you an amazing view from deep in the gorge walls. From the parking area, hike up river to view from the top!

#3 Gabbro (Bakers) Falls

This is a powerful waterfall, especially in the spring with very easy access. Just past the Blackjack Ski Lodge, park right on the road and walk just a short distance to view the falls from the top. Use caution as rocks can be slippery and there are no barriers. Or hike in just east of the bridge before the lodge and view from the bottom!

#4 Presque Isle River WaterfallsManabezho Falls Ironwood Michigan

Located within the Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park on the very western edge are three beautiful waterfalls. All easily accessible from a nearby parking area. Take the trail down the set of steps to the falls.

  1. Manabezho Falls. Manabezho is the largest and last waterfall before the river spills into Lake Superior.
  2. Manido Falls. Located upstream from Manabezdo, this is the smallest of the 3 waterfalls
  3. Nawadaha Falls. This is the upper most of the 3 waterfalls and closest to the road.

#5 Copper Falls State Park Waterfalls

Crossing the border into Wisconsin, Ancient lava flows, deep gorges and spectacular waterfalls make Copper Falls State Park one of the most incredible waterfall destinations in Wisconsin.

  1. Copper Falls. The Copper Falls waterfall was a segmented and muti-tiered series of drops on the Bad River dropping some 30ft or so.
  2. Brownstone Falls. Just ¼ mile from Copper Falls.

#6 Potato River Falls

One of the most beautiful falls in Wisconsin with a 90 foot drop, just southwest of Gurney.

#7 Interstate Falls

This waterfall so also known as Montreal or Peterson falls and is located on the Michigan/Wisconsin boarder. Very easy access with a walking path and observation deck.

#8 Porcupine Wilderness State Park Waterfalls

Porcupine Mountains

See over 90 majestic waterfalls in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park! Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park click here!

  • Manabezho FallsManido Falls Ironwood Michigan
  • Manido Falls
  • Explorers Falls
  • Greenstone Falls
  • Little Union Gorge Falls
  • Nonesuch Falls
  • Shining Cloud Falls
  • Traders Falls
  • Trap Falls

#9 Bond FallsBond Falls Ironwood Michigan

Bond Falls is a waterfall on the middle branch of the Ontonagon River, a few miles east of Paulding in Haight Township in southern Ontonagon County, Michigan. This is a very impressive waterfall with designated walking paths and observation are.

#10 O Kun De Kun FallsOkun-de-Kun Falls Ironwood Michigan

This waterfall drops from the Baltimore River over a sandstone ledge known as a plunging waterfall. Around a 2.7 mile loop that is fairly easy located near Bruce Crossing.

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