The Emberlight Festival: Art In Nature

We all know Ironwood is known for its incredible outdoor recreation, quaint small town, dining and shopping, along with access to miles of trails and wilderness. Another amazing fact that this town holds is the Emberlight Festival, supported by a thriving local art community. 

The Beginning of Emberlight

During the COVID shutdown, Miles Mykkanen, a successful Opera Tenor and Ironwood area native, gathered a group of talented and passionate people (including local artist Cindy Franck), to create a board that would help direct and create the long-held dream of an international Art Festival bringing world-class art performances to the Western U.P.  This festival is once again putting Ironwood on the map, for awe-inspiring performances and exhibitions. Creating and coordinating a successful art festival with COVID concerns was no easy task, but as the summer of 2021 approached with Emberlight’s inaugural season, the show did in fact, go on. With a multitude of incredible volunteers, the Emberlight Festival featured: Broadway and Opera stars, an International Film Festival (the vison of Colton Pometta), “Art in the Park” located at the Miners Memorial Heritage Park, various Art Exhibits, “Behind The Curtain” series, and the premiere of Documentary “Route 2 to Elsewhere”; Emberlight 2021 was a huge success! 

Emberlight Season 2!

As Ironwood is ramping up for the second season: “Heritage, Horizons, and Harmony”, you can see Emberlight’s influence throughout downtown. With over 30 events, this season will be full of dynamic and inspiring art and dynamic performances. The incredible exhibition by Mary Burns called “Ancestral Women Exhibit” is a must see at the Historical Ironwood Depot https://emberlight.org/event/ancestral-women-exhibit/. 

In celebration of the Emberlight Festival, the Historic Depot is adorned with flying heritage flags and photography exhibit. Visit the Historic Depot/Ironwood Chamber of Commerce to experience this unique and important display. 

Art in the Park

Art in the Park, a returning favorite with art installations throughout the Aurora Loop of the Miners Memorial Heritage Park, along with eight weekends of Performance Infusions every Saturday in July and August is an experience that you won’t forget. For more information https://emberlight.org/performance-infusions/  

Main Stage

Main Stage is full of live concerts and performances featuring today’s brightest stars! 

All That Jazz starring Broadway performer Emma Stratton alongside pianist Jordan Jones-Reese, will be a main stage performance that will blow you away as she performs classic Broadway with exciting songs, gowns, and stories on the historical stage of the Ironwood Theatre on July 30th and 31st. 

Sing Happy starring Metropolitan Opera star Miles Mykkanen and Broadway pianist Adam Rothenberg will take the stage for a night to remember, as they perform Opera, Broadway, and French cabaret, with stories from the world’s stages on August 5th & 6th. 

To finish off the Main Stage performances, the Award Show on August 27th will feature American soprano Ann Toomey who has graced stages around the world, and will make her Emberlight debut at the Historic Ironwood Theatre. 

For more information about main stage performances visit: https://emberlight.org/main-stage/ 

International Film Festival

The Internation Film Festival is another amazing opportunity with nine screenings from August 20th to the 26th. This year over 700 films (yes seven hundred films), were submitted from across the globe, with 43 films accepted into the festival. With some of the film makers attending from different parts of the world, this film festival is a can’t miss opportunity. You can be a part of this unique event all taking place at Theatre North in Ironwood.  

For more information about the International Film Festival visit:  https://emberlight.org/film-festival/ 

Make Emberlight a Part of Your Plans!

With all these incredible performances and exhibits, Ironwood is a premiere destination for the Arts and home to the ever-growing Emberlight Festival! To make Ironwood and Emberlight a part of your summer plans click here for lodging https://travelironwood.com/lodging/ 


For a complete list of all the Emberlight events follow this link: https://emberlight.org/2022-season/ 


Visit Ironwood and Find Your North with Art and Nature! 

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