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Depot Park Farmers & Artisans Market

Featuring fresh and local food, artisan goods, and crafts every Friday starting the first Friday in June until the first Friday on October in Downtown Ironwood. Vendors from the Western U.P. and Northern Wisconsin.

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Ironwood Township Farmers Market

Ironwood Township Farmers Market

A weekly summer/fall local farmer’s market to bring produce whose purpose is to support the local chain of food/ handmade goods production and consumption.

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Northwind natural food Co-op

We are a member-owned cooperative health food store located in Downtown Ironwood, Michigan. The Northwind Natural Foods Co-op was formed in 1979 to provide the Gogebic Range and surrounding areas with access to whole, natural and organic food. Since that time we have striven to be more than a grocery store. Every day we work to enhance our community and improve the quality of life in our neck of the woods.

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Whitney Creek

Whitney Creek Farm


We aim to provide ethically raised foods to promote good health in our family and friends. We don’t need fertilizers or routine antibiotics because our animals are raised outside on grass, in the sunshine, free to do what they are designed to do. In turn, their behaviors nurture the soil. Healthy soil leads to healthy plant life, which leads to healthy animals and healthy people.

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True North Berry Farm

The Hendrickson’s planted their first berry plants fifty years ago on rugged property on Lake Superior in the western end of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Truth be told, the farm was mostly an attempt by my parents to keep the seven siblings– ages seven to 17– out of mischief.

Strawberries were first, followed by raspberries, and finally the blueberries. Long hours were spent in the field planting, weeding, pruning, and harvesting, but the reward at the end of the day was a refreshing cold dunk in Lake Superior.

And it turns out, the blueberry plants loved the acidic, mineral rich soil. Thanks to the temperature buffering known as lake effect, the land around the Great Lakes benefit from a moderated climate, making it ideal for orchards and fruit. These natural forces together provide the crucial tartness and flavor necessary for a mouth-watering blueberry.

In 2016, we celebrated 50 continuous years of growing blueberries! Our first product, True Blue, is a celebration of that milestone and the culmination of a lot of hard work on the berry farm — heirloom berries now — as well as a tribute to my brother, Buck, who looked after them for all those years.

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