The Abelman Clothing Company is just about as old as the city of Bessemer, Michigan where it was founded by Abe Abelman.

Abe Abelman faced the New World with a $20 gold piece in his pocket when he arrived in New York from Kovno, Lithuania at the age of 21. Working as a tailor’s apprentice in New York City he saved $25 and set off for Chicago. After arriving in the Windy City, and working for awhile, he became a traveling peddler and worked his way to Northern Wisconsin on foot.

It was in 1887 that Abe decided to settle down, get married, and open a clothing store. After moving the store several times, he landed in the current store location in 1902. Abe was faithful in attending to his business until his death in 1952 at the age of 92. The people of Bessemer fondly recall that Abe was capable of conversing in several languages and in his later years enjoyed sitting in “his” chair in the rear of the store, listening to the radio or visiting friends.

The Abelman Clothing Store has been operated for 120 years, first by Abe, followed by his sons Joe and Maurice, and currently his grandson Bob Abelman.

The store hasn’t changed much from the days when Abe was there. It’s still operated on a basis of friendship and good values like businesses were run years ago. Abelman Clothing has been a mainstay in the community since 1887, and still delivers quality products at a reasonable price. From the days of peddling, to the store, to the internet, you can always depend on Abelman’s.

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