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5 summer must-see places in the Western U.P.

Like winter in the Western U.P., summer activities and beautiful places to explore are never-ending.

5. Explore the Iron Belle Trail and Downtown City Square

The Iron Belle Trail is a paved trail that extends from Hurley, Wisconsin to Ramsey, Michigan with plans to continue into Wakefield, Michigan. This historic trail was a rail line that is now a peaceful trail with trestle bridges, nature, and places to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The trail starts at the Historic Ironwood Depot Park and continues east towards Bessemer and Ramsay Michigan. While you are in downtown Ironwood grab a coffee from Contrast and chill in the new City Square. The Ironwood Downtown City Square has places to sit and eat, a splashpad for kids, a pergola with firepit, and live music events periodically throughout the Summer.

4. Visit Black River Harbor Beach

Known for its sandy shores and picturesque break wall, Black River Harbor is a must see. The walk down to the beach is just as beautiful as the beach itself with the historic suspension bridge over the Black River leading to the sandy beach. Just make sure you continue past the break wall. You will know when you’ve arrived because the beach opens for miles along Lake Superior.

3. Wolf Mountain Hike

Wolf Mountain is a short and steep hike, but the view from the top of Gogebic County’s highest peak is truly majestic! From atop the mountain, you can see the Porkies and Copper Peak on a clear day. This hike is worth it for incredible views of the vast Western U.P forests.

2. Porcupine Wilderness State Park

The Porkies as locals call it, is a vast wilderness park 40 miles from Ironwood along the shores of Lake Superior in Gogebic and Ontonagon County! Lake of the Clouds is the must-see hike in the park and is a very easy walk to catch the incredible views. If you are looking for a longer hike, take the Escarpment Trail along the ridge, you won’t regret it! Along with Lake of the Clouds there are many wilderness hikes in the park and waterfalls to explore. The Porkies is a definite must-see when visiting Ironwood!

1. Copper Peak Adventure Ride

Copper Peak is the gem of the Western U.P. Take the chairlift ride to the top and see the panoramic views of Lake Superior, Northern Wisconsin, and even Canada on a clear day. Imagine athletes skiing down the jump and flying through the air! It’s the biggest ski flying hill in the Western Hemisphere and is scheduled to be renovated within the next few years to host athletes from around the world!

There is something for everyone to do when you travel to the Western U.P. of Michigan!

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